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We have created this website to share positive news and resources to help you enjoy life. We intend to constantly look for ways to provide many positive opportunities with the support of our friends and supporters.

Stan and Adele live in the Kansas City area. Stan is an experienced graphic designer/web designer and musician. Adele grew up in New York City and worked for the Port Authority in the World Trade Center for 10 years. Read about our visits to New York and the World Trade Center.


We provide a wide variety of services and resources to help families and businesses. Identity theft and legal services, employee benefits, small business services, resources to enjoy shopping, entertainment, networking, career and more.


Adele has been a Chamber Champion for the Greater KC Chamber and is the Chairman of the Ambassadors and on the Board of Directors for the Olathe Chamber of Commerce.


Stan was elected to the Board of Directors for the Kansas City Better Business Bureau and worked to enhance the services provided to the BBB accredited members. Stan was also elected to the Board of Directors for RedEcho Group that provides an after-school program to help children learn to make and promote movies through a progam called "Let's make a movie!"


Our hope is that the positive news and resources on this site enrich your life and help you find ways to encourage others. Please let us know if you have any questions or other suggestions how we can be of service to you.


We realize our country has become severely divided and there are strong emotions on both ends of the political spectrum. We personally try to not judge or condemn any particular group or individuals, but in sharing our views and links to other websites, some people may be offended or disturbed by content they may find. As Christians (and conservative) we share our beliefs, but we are not pushing them on anyone. We also share alternative sites that we may personally disagree with. Our hope is that our readers will find useful and positive news and information throughout our pages. Please read our Terms of Use about links to other websites and contact us if you have any specific questions.