So much info in the world-Use these links to share optimism and positive news

Life Resources

The Internet has become an invaluable reference tool. You can find anything you want. Here are a few of our favorite sites for optimism and positive news. Bookmark it for easy reference.



News & Commentary

ABC News
BBC News
CBS News
Fox News




USA Today

US News

Washington Times


Accuracy In Media

Alliance Defense Fund

American Spectator

Cashill, Jack

Coulter, Ann

Drudge Report

Federalist Patriot

Free Market Project

Gertz, Bill

Google News

Hannity, Sean

Limbaugh, David

Limbaugh, Rush

Media Research Center


My Way News

National Review

Noonan, Peggy

Norris, Chuck

North, Oliver

O'Reilly, Bill

Patterson, Buzz

Schlafly, Phyllis

Shanklin, Paul

Thomas, Cal

Thomas More Law Center

Wall Street Journal-Opinions

Weekly Standard

WorldNet Daily


Christian Connections

>View Christian resources page


>Get Involved Links

You can share optimism...



Government Links

U.S. Government Official Site

The White House

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate
U.S. Supreme Court
Library of Congress Info

CIA  ::  FBI

Dept of Homeland Security

U.S National Security

U.S. Postal Service

CDC-Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention


Miscellaneous Sites


John Tess

Time and Date

Writing Business Letters

Quotes: Optimism & Pessimism

The Quotations Page



American Red Cross

A Million Thanks

Fertile Ground

The Foundation for a Better Life

Random Acts of Kindness

World Vision - Sponsor a Child 

>Complete list of resources to get involved


Fighting Terrorism

(It is alarming how many previous sites concering our national security have disappeared)

Center for Defense Information

Committee on Present Danger

Terrorism Research Center


Kansas City Area Sites

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