Walking with Marine SSgt Dan Gilyeat was a life-changing experience!

During the Summer of 2010 we had the privilege of getting to know a true American Hero.

Walking with Dan Gilyeat

Walking with Dan & Ana Gilyeat for OperationPayback.org

We were honored to walk with Dan Gilyeat as he shared his passion and commitment to help others and thank God for the 2nd chance at life after losing his leg in Iraq. Dan finished his “26 Day Tour of Duty” of walking 513 miles in 26 days to raise support for Veterans. He accomplished this amazing feat to make a lasting contribution during the prime time of his congressional campaign instead of raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for yard signs that would be trashed.

The official walk and the Primary campaign is over, but Dan has just begun to make a difference even though he did not receive the votes to go to Washington. He actually will have more opportunities to influence people nationwide through OperationPayback.org.

Visit www.OperationPayback.org to view videos and photos from this inspiring adventure.
Here is the “Recap of the 26 Day Tour of Duty” video

Get involved. Be Blessed. Be a Blessing.

Stan & Adele Adell