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We are proud to be Americans! Our country has been blessed and our people give so much back to the world. We hear so much negative news while positive and uplifting stories are overlooked. This blog is designed to share positive news and resources to help you enjoy life and make a difference in our world.

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Last Chance Flight – classic music to make you smile

Stan Adell is proud to be the drummer for Last Chance Flight. Visit our website for sample songs and photos. We hope to see you at a future event.

Last Chance Flight

Last Chance Flight

Learned Optimism

I just finished re-reading Brian Tracy’s “Change Your Thinking Change Your Life” and want to share this timely excerpt…

Perhaps the most important quality you can develop to achieve greater success and happness is the quality of optimism. You can learn the habit of optimnism by thinking the way that optimists do most of the time. According to interviews with thousands of the happiest and most successful people in every field, optimists seem to have two special ways of dealing with life. These are attitudes of mind that you can develop with practice.

First, optimists look for the good in every situation, especially when they experience reversals and setbacks. They keep themselves positive by looking for the bright side, the silver lining, to every problem. And they always find something.

Second, optimists seek the valuable lesson in every problem or difficulty. They believe that each temporary failure or obstacle has been sent to teach them something. They continually ask, “What am I meant to learn from this situation?” And they always fnd something.

Your mind is structured in such a way that you cannot look for the good and seek the vauable lesson without taking full control over your conscious mind. When you do, you feel more positive and optimistic about yourself and your situation. Yo feel in complete control of your life. You perform at your best.

Secret Millionaire – Positive New TV Show

We are always glad to share positive stories. One of our favorite TV Shows is “Undercover Boss” where ordinary people are rewarded for their hard work and positive attidude by the company CEO who spends time with them undercover. ABC is starting a similar themed show called  Secret Millionaire.

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The Rock Revival

The Rock Revival

The Rock Revival historical 3cd set


Purchase The Rock Revival-Music of the Jesus Music

I had the privilege of playing drums with a band called Simple Truth that had a song featured on this CD called “Ain’t Jesus Good”. We traveled around the world with many of these pioneering artists performing at outdoor festivals, colleges, coffee houses and other venues that weren’t used to seeing the Gospel presented in a contemporary and professional way.

Stan Adell

Merry Christmas 2010!

A Christmas candle is a lovely thing;
It makes no noise at all,
But softly gives itself away;
While quite unselfish, it grows small.
- Eva K. Logue

We wish you health and happiness this Holiday Season 
and a great 2011!  

Why consider a raw food diet?

We have recently been researching and changing to a raw foods lifestyle for improved health and weight maintenance. Here is some useful information we found from a friend’s website at

what is raw?


Raw or “Living” Food is anything that is plant based, uncooked or sprouted and in its natural state – grown under the sun.

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Seeds
  • Sprouts
  • Nuts
  • Sea vegetables

Living foods are fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, seeds and nuts. Raw foods are whole uncooked foods, full of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which are an energetic life giving force.  Enzymes are responsible for being a catalyst in digestion and food absorption as well as being involved in metabolic or chemical reactions in every cell.

Cooking food over 105-118 degrees, kills the majority of enzymes present.  Cooked foods are void of enzymes and the vitamins and nutrients are automatically diminished. The longer food is cooked and the higher the temperature, the more the nutrients are destroyed.

The body expends a tremendous amount of energy just digesting the food we eat; Energy that should and could be used to rebuild cells, tissues, healing disease and injuries.  Is it any wonder so many people are sick, ailing and living a less than optimal life?

Saavi Internet Personal Accountability Software

Saavi Accountability

The #1 Instant Personal Accountability Software

Justen Wack, one of my students from MidAmerica Nazarene University, created Saavi Accountability software. It was exciting to watch his journey as he developed this program to help others live victoriously in their personal lives. Stan Adell

Saavi Accountability is the most effective approach for individuals or parents to hold themselves or their family members accountable. Saavi Accountability is an Instant Online Accountability Program that lets you set the standards for your home, and then enables parents or accountability partners to receive instant text message and or instant email notifications anytime your personal standards have been violated.

Saavi Accountability assists you or your children in overcoming online addictions. Choose the Parent or Adults button above to see how Saavi Accountability can help you and your family. Available Now for PC and Mac!

Steve Bridges – the Presidential Impersonator

Steve Bridges - Presidential ImpersonatorSteve Bridges imitated George Bush on the Jay Leno Show during the entire eight years he was president.  He was made up to look and act almost exactly like Bush.   He has now started imitating Obama and REALLY does it right.

Every American boy is told they might grow up to be President of the United States. STEVE BRIDGES never doubted his father’s words, but immediately started to mimic them. From a very early age, BRIDGES entertained his family and friends with uncanny, hilarious impressions of anyone within earshot.

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